Beauty On Trial – 1st Trial and review

Me Me Me

Boho Balm Lip Cheek Tint


So a short while ago I joined a beauty website called Beauty On Trial which is where you review all the beauty products you’ve tried and also read reviews from other members which I absolutely love, they’re truthful and honest reviews.

Also they run competitions to trial products all the time so it’s fun too.  It’s a great way to find out about new products. They also have a forum where they discuss all things beauty including freebies they’ve received and ways for you to get a free sample  All sharing what they find.

So I joined and I did a few reviews and then I received an email to say admin had posted on my wall and I was asked if I’d be interested in trailing the Me Me Me Boho Balm.  I said yes and they popped it in the post and also popped in 2 extra products for me which i didn’t expect so that was super kind of them.

I couldn’t wait to try the balm as I’d never tried a balm lip & cheek tint before but I’ve always loved the consistency of balms

So here’s what I thought if the Boho Balm (This is my 100% honest truth and I’m not getting paid)

Great multitasker

Strongest points
Great price,
blends well,
not greasy or oily, smells great,
nice colours,
Looks great,
not sticky,
A lot of product,
Pretty packaging,
Easy to apply,
Weakest points
Hard to open,
Gets messy in hot weather.
Need to keep it cool
Easy to put too much in the brush.
Colours can end up mixing on the join.
When I tried opening the tin I hurt my hands. I had to get my husband to open it. Now I don’t push the lid all the way closed so that I can open it myself. I really like this product I really like that it’s a balm which i feel is better than a liquid. I have tried this with a few different brushes and also my fingers and the way I prefer to use it is by first applying it with clean fingers and patting it in and then I use a soft angled blush brush to blend it out giving a more natural look. When just using a brush it’s easy to get too much in the brush as a tiny amount goes along way. If you prefer to use a brush then it’s best to get as much of the excess off before applying it to your cheeks. This will give you a better application especially if you’re wearing it with a full face of make up. It gives a nice dewy look.
I like to wear this without makeup too, I find a little bit into the apples if the cheeks gives a very natural look.
These both look really nice on the lips and I do use a lip brush to apply it. Because it’s a balm it’s also lovely and creamy and doesn’t dry the lips out.
In warmer weather the balm can start to melt so it’s best to keep it cool. I think this is a great product and would be great for festivals and concerts and even garden parties. When you’re not wearing make up. One product with two uses. Great yo pop in your handbag or even a school bag. I think this is appealing to all ages.
If you love to review beauty products and also like to trial products then you should check out
Next trial product is Barry M metalic eyeliner.