Birchbox Review May 2017



This months Birchbox theme is

‘It’s All In The Details’ it’s so true that the small things really matter.

So this months box is all about the little things we can do to make a big difference in our lives.  Im in love with the marble and rose gold box definitely my favourite birchbox box.

This month subscribers had the option of choosing between two shades of mineral eyeshadow, Fifty Shades or Vanilla Frosting. So first item is –

Marsk – Mineral Eyeshadow… (Full size).

I choose Fifty Shades which is a gorgeous grey colour its a beautiful silky shadow which works well for lots of different eye looks.  I suggest using a small amount on your brush and building it up to create the look you want instead of applying loads to start because a small amount really does go along way.  If you prefer a really intense look pack it onto your lid using a wet brush. Its 100% natural so even great for sensitive eyes.  I’ve also added a tiny bit on top of a smokey eye to give it a bit of dimension. Due to the fact that you don’t need to use a lot this will last a while making it a great purchase. RRP £14.49

Doucce – Punk Volumizer Mascara (Birchbox Exclusive) Travel size.

Everyone received this mascara in their boxes and its a great match with the Marsk,  It has a jumbo fibre wand which separates the lashes with ease and thickens and lengthens giving the look of false lashes.

This is a travel size mascara and because it’s so small and i have problems with my hands i didn’t get on very well with it. If it was full size id have been fine.  I prefer a smaller brush for my bottom lashes too so this has gone to my daughter and she really loves it. (Full size RRP £18)

Beauty Protector – Protect & Volume (Birchbox Exclusive) Travel size.

This is the product you need if you love extra volume and have to use loads of different products to achieve it. This is vegan friendly and paraben-free no nasty chemicals and smells lovely.  This will add volume and shine leaving your hair looking fabulous.

This wasn’t really the product for me due to having such this hair i really don’t need any extra volume but if used it on my daughter’s hair and it does add a lovely shine without looking greasy. Full size RRP £18.50.

Whish – Firming Body Cream (Birchbox Exclusive) Travel size.

Use this to firm and tone the skin great if you have any blemishes or marks on your skin, It has a blend of organic shea butter, green tea and cocoa seed butter so smells gorgeous and is also really moisturising for your skin.  Using a small amount massaged into your skin daily.

Unfortunately I’m not able to use this product it caused my skin to break out so im not able to give you my honest opinion because i havent used it only did a skin test.  I will be passing this onto a family member and i will give you their opinion when I have it.  Full size RRP £27.00.

Doux Me – Pure Spring Mist (Birchbox Exclusive)  Travel size.

Lastly is actually a totally shock for me as I never thought I’d be saying this but i actually like it and use it daily.  When i first saw it I was a bit gutted to be honest with you but ive changed my mind totally here’s why….

As you probably know about my health problems im not going to bore you with it again, because of those health problems im bedridden and im not able to move at all most days so I have my husband care for me. Everything has to be brought to me and I have to rely on him and my two fantastic kids and family to be able to wash  (using a bucket most of the time)  anyway if my husband and kids aren’t hear and i feel like I want to have a wash and freshen up im not able to until they get home.  So i thought id give this a try along with my Nivea Cleansing cream wash  and wow it really did help. So now i have this on the shelf next to my bed along with the wash and a towel and I can freshen up at anytime. Believe me when you’ve been stuck bedridden for all the years I have it makes you so thankful for those little details and to be able to freshen up without having to rely on others is a big thing and im so pleased this was in the box and im so pleased i tried it.  I literally use it everyday now and will be buying it again.  It really showed me i shouldn’t judge it until I’ve tried it.  Full size RRP £16.

So overall this was a good box for me even though im only using the spray and the mineral eyeshadow those two alone cover the cost of the box.

Unfortunately this is my last Birchbox for a few months just like Roccabox im going to miss these boxes.

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Hope you all have a great week.

Smile because we’re all beautiful 💞

Birchbox Review April 2017

Birchbox April 2017


I am totally loving this months Birchbox they have collaborated with Uk clothing brand Boden Clothing,  This month is all about “The Bold And The Beautiful”

I am really pleased with this months box, Subscribers we’re able to choose between to Manna Kadar full size products this month. Either – High Definition powder or Radiance Split pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo Both £27 RRP

I chose the HD Powder because id never had a finishing powder before so was excited to try it after hearing great things about HD powders,  It is very small for a full size item but ut is a lovely powder so velvety and feels lovely on the skin and keeps makeup in place for hours and create a lovely matte finish. I really like it but ill be saving it for those special days with it being so small.

Baijaparis – Crème Moana, This is my favourite product in the box, It’s a luxurious body cream which leaves the skin feeling moisturised and beautifully soft and silky. It smells absolutely gorgeous and its a smell that reminds me of good times summer holidays in the sun, family day so out and i just love it ill be purchasing the full size for sure.

Luseta Conditioner with keratin,  My daughter tried this and she loves it. She has highlights and so her hair is dried out from the bleaching. After using this her hair was lovely and soft and not dried out it’s a great her hair felt bouncy too.

Modelco Eyeliner This is a lovely liner for the waterline it’s not a dark black so suits a subtle makeup look. I have used it to do my lid and cat eye and it was easy to use.

Polaar Ice Pure Gentle Scrub with Arctic Cotton – This is a great exfoliator and also moisturisers the skin leaving it feeling super soft. It’s also really gentle on the skin too.

Overall i really like this box and between myself and my daughter Jade Nicole we are enjoying using each product.

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Birchbox Review March 2017

Birchbox March 2017


This month the theme is Signed, Sealed, Delivered.  Taking a journey back to where Birchbox first began as this is only my 2nd box it was great to recieve a box the same as the original boxes.

Im really happy with this box just like last months, all these products are new to me and id only heard of the Benefit Lipstick. So it was great to try some new products the same reason I joined birchbox.


So ill start with my favourite.


Benefit They’re Real-Double the lip liner and lipstick and liner in one. Subscribers were able to choose between two shades and i chose the Pink Thrills which is a lovely colour. There’s no need to worry about finding you’re lip liner as the innovative custom teardrop top, Just apply as you do your normal lippy for the top lip and turn it 180o to apply the bottom lip.  This is the perfect lippy for a night out popping it in you’re purse or bag and you can easily top it up.

My 2nd favourite. Rituals Cosmetics – The Rituals of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel.


This is fantastic, Have a luxury shower with this gel which transforms to foam when in contact with water its so creamy and smells devine with cherry blossom and organic rice milk which cleanses and soothes the skin.  Leaving you feeling like you’ve just been to the spa.

Balance Me Beauty – Instant Lift Primer,


This is the perfect primer which blurs fine lines and smooths and tightens the skin its 99% natural with a blend of Hyaluronic acid and acacia gum.

Batiste – Invisible 2in1 dry shampoo and conditioner,


If you’re a fan of dry shampoos then this is all you love with the added bonus of a conditioner to prevent your hair from drying out.  To prevent your hair feeling greasy when using it make sure to shake well and spray from arm distance away.

Caudaline – Vine(Activ) Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum,


This is a great product and does exactly as it says. Im 33 and use it and love it, it really does make you’re skin feel refreshed and gives you a lovely glow without looking like grease i have also used it on my mam and it really made her face glow in a good way. Like a facial in a tube.

Last in the box was a drawstring bag great to pop a few things in for a night or weekend away.  Very handy to pop a few products in and they’re all together without taking up loads of space.

Overall im really happy with the products i received.

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Look incredible Review March

Look Incredible Review March 2017


Well i have to say im very impressed with this box.  Its my 2nd box and just like February box im very happy with what’s inside.

This month included

1. Bare minerals eye shadow quad – The A List


This is a very shimmery quad and its very pretty. The darker colour isn’t very pigmented and is very sheer but the bit i didn’t like about this quad was that it’s not great at blending.  I thought that it was just my lack of experience but after seeing others say the same thing I knew it wasnt just me. I do love the pretty colours and think it’s fab for an icy look.  My niece would love it dressing up as elsa.

2. Ilia lipstick – Tinted Lip Conditioner


This is lovely its quite sheer but can be built up and looks fantastic either way great for either a subtle look or built up for a bolder look.  Its lovely and creamy without feeling heavy, A lipstick you can wear all day and get moisturised lips at the same time.

3. Ciate Velvet nails kit – Velvet  Manicure


Well i must say im not really liking the velvet Manicure it just doesn’t look very good, I’m not really into the look of the velvet nails and it doesn’t feel like or look like velvet when i do it.  I do however really love the nail polish colour its very much the shade id pick, so that’s a plus.

4 fusion colour corrector – Prime Results,  Anti-Redness.


This is absolutely fantastic,  It works amazingly well and i was blown away when I first used it.  I have a lot of redness in my face and just a small amount helped to minimise the redness so much i didn’t even feel the need to apply any foundation. This on its own made the box worth the money to me. I don’t think id have come across this product otherwise. This is definitely part of my makeup routine now and I’ll be purchasing it again for sure. 10/10

5 Spa Retreats Signature – Softening hand And Body lotion


This is so softening and is perfect on youre whole body,  its smells divine doesn’t go really sticky and soaks into the skin really well.  It works lovely will a nice massage very relaxing.  (Unless you have fibromyalgia then a massage isn’t relaxing and causes a huge amount of pain)

They also added an extra which was the Max factor colour corrector stick


Even though it is a tester it was still a nice lititle extra.  I don’t really need the purple but I tried it out on different parts of my face and it just made me look grey so ill probably pass this on to one of my sisters.

My favourite this month was the fusion colour corrector,  it was just what I needed, You only need a very small amount so for me this will last a long time as I don’t need to wear makeup all the time in fact im not able to even put on my make up all the time so just adding some of the colour corrector makes me feel more human.


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Thanks for checking out my review, feel free to let me know what you think and if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Smile because we’re all beautiful 💞