Beauty On Trial 3rd Review


Defence Oil


Here’s my 3rd trial with ‘Beauty On Trial’ im really enjoying these trials and testing new to me products and different brands.

Strongest points

Deeply hydrating,
Absorbs instantly,
Antioxidant properties,
Anti inflammatory,
Anti bacterial,
Soft and smooth skin,
Suits all skin types,
Suitable for sensitive skin,

Weakest points

Very expensive,
Solidifies in cold,


I hadn’t heard of the brand Innarah before so had to read up about. It sounded like an oil that was going to be a good treat for my skin.
I have sensitive dry skin and I do get a lot of break outs (blotchy rashes) on my face from alot of products I try.
My dropper didn’t pick up any of the oil so I had to just dab it on my skin which meant I didn’t know how much I was using.
Being able to see the oil is a bit off-putting but I saw they sell it in the purple bottles which have a luxury expensive look. This which means you don’t see the sediment collecting in the bottle. It does collect around the opening of the bottle shaking didn’t remove that, I used a cotton bud with hit water but made sure it didn’t go into the oil. But they do warn about this and as it’s natural and herbal it is to be expected. It’s best to keep it at room temperature as it does tend to start solidifying. My bedroom is always cold so I pit the bottle in the palm of my hands to warm it up and the sediment goes when shaking the bottle but not fully.
The oil is smooth and when applied to the skin absorbs instantly. It does have a strong scent which was a bit off-putting but it fades away quite quickly.
I do like this product and loved how soft my skin was and it soothes any sensitive skin and also has a slight warning too it. It’s deeply hydrating and moisturising and as a multitude of natural healing, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial properties.
I have only noticed a difference in the smoothness of my skin and how hydrated it feels. I use this twice a day it compliments the moisturiser you use and gives the skin a boost of hydration and the skin feels nourished. It doesn’t leave your skin looking greasy or shiny and can be used under your usual makeup for an added boost of moisture.
I’m pleased I was able to trial such an expensive product and feel like it really does make a huge difference to your face and neck. My skin felt revived and deeply hydrated and nourished. If you can afford to spend a lot of money on skin care products then this will be perfect to add to your daily skincare routine. I’m on a low-income and car afford to spend hundreds of £’s on one product.
Which is a shame as I am enjoying using it.
I’m not going to recommend this product due to the fact of most people not being able to spend so much money on one product.

Would you recommend this product?



Friday Favourites and a review

Spectrum Collections Unicorn Brushes


This week’s Friday Favourites has to be without a doubt my gorgeous new Unicorn Brushes by Spectrum. So i thought id do my review and Friday favourite in one post. Ever since I got my Marbleous tulip brush in the Feb Birchbox i knew they were the brushes that were right for me. They are super soft and make applying makeup products really easy.

So i decided to purchase 2 set’s so that id have all the brushes i need (apart from a fan brush).

This review is of the Attention Seeker set


Spectrum Collections 10 piece essentials set

This set is their best-selling brush set and it includes all the brushes you need to get you started for a fantastic price £39.99.

So the brushes included are (from left to right)

A01– Large Domed Powder. (Use to apply bronzer or a translucent powder the brush, with super soft bristles it doesn’t pick up too much product so it’s great if you want a natural look or build it up for a bronzer look and more coverage, works best with powder products)

B01– Flat Top Buffer. (Use this to buff the foundation into your skin for a flawless finish it works best with liquid and cream products. Ive tried mine out with a moisturizer to help it sink into the skin.)

A05 – Small Angled Blush. (Use this to apply Blush to the apples of your cheeks, use small amounts and build up the colour you’re looking for. Can also be used for contouring. Works best with powder Blush and bronzer and baked blush)

B03 – Buffing Concealer. (Use this just as you would use the B01 brush, This helps work the concealer around the eyes and gives the same flawless finish that the B01 brush gives. They work great together for a perfect finish on the whole face, hiding any blemishes and dark circles. Works best with liquid and cream products.

A06 – Large Fluffy Shader. (Use this brush to apply you’re base colour all over the lid, also you can use this brush to blend your transition colour. Add a light shade to set your eye primer and give  your eyes the perfect base. This brush is great for creating a nice natural eye look just by building up a bit of natural colour to your lid and blending it out. Gives a beautiful finish. Works best with powder and cream products)

B04 – Small Angled Blender. (Use this to softly blend out the crease and shading to the outer corners of the eye, the soft bristles make blending easy with no harsh lines. Works best with Loose Pigments and pressed pigments)

B06 – Tall Tapered Blender. (Use to apply colour to the socket and blending it out at the same time and also build up colour where you want. Works best with loose and pressed Pigments)

A09 – Angled Eyeliner. (With the Angled ferrule this brush makes it easy to apply gel and liquid liners. If i can do it anyone can, it gives so much more control making for a better application. Works best with liquid products)

A15 – Lip Liner. (This brush is fantastic for lining the lips you can also use this to fill in the lips giving you a nicer finish to the lips. Works best with liquid and cream products)

A17 – Angled Brow. (This brush makes doing your brows so much easier, it’s a nice firm brush to help you get the shape you want and helps to fill in and divine giving them a natural look. It’s so easy to use and as I have 2 I use my other one with some concealer to sharpen and neaten the edges.  This brush is also great for doing liner under the waterline and also for adding some colour to your under eyes with precision. Works best with brow gel and powders) (Also works well with gel and liquid liners)

All the brushes are hand finished which makes them even more special.  Theyre also vegan friendly and cruelty free.  These are definitely a fantastic set of brushes which are professional quality at an affordable price.

I definitely recommend these brushes, they work out at just £3.99 per brush, which in itself saves you money if you were to buy them separately. Don’t be fooled by the cost these brushes are high-end quality they don’t shed bristles and they’re gorgeous. They also have the best name Unicorn Brushes. Check out all the other gorgeous brushes they’re all stunning and there’s something for everyone.

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Thanks for reading i hope you have a fantastic weekend 💞

Birchbox Review May 2017



This months Birchbox theme is

‘It’s All In The Details’ it’s so true that the small things really matter.

So this months box is all about the little things we can do to make a big difference in our lives.  Im in love with the marble and rose gold box definitely my favourite birchbox box.

This month subscribers had the option of choosing between two shades of mineral eyeshadow, Fifty Shades or Vanilla Frosting. So first item is –

Marsk – Mineral Eyeshadow… (Full size).

I choose Fifty Shades which is a gorgeous grey colour its a beautiful silky shadow which works well for lots of different eye looks.  I suggest using a small amount on your brush and building it up to create the look you want instead of applying loads to start because a small amount really does go along way.  If you prefer a really intense look pack it onto your lid using a wet brush. Its 100% natural so even great for sensitive eyes.  I’ve also added a tiny bit on top of a smokey eye to give it a bit of dimension. Due to the fact that you don’t need to use a lot this will last a while making it a great purchase. RRP £14.49

Doucce – Punk Volumizer Mascara (Birchbox Exclusive) Travel size.

Everyone received this mascara in their boxes and its a great match with the Marsk,  It has a jumbo fibre wand which separates the lashes with ease and thickens and lengthens giving the look of false lashes.

This is a travel size mascara and because it’s so small and i have problems with my hands i didn’t get on very well with it. If it was full size id have been fine.  I prefer a smaller brush for my bottom lashes too so this has gone to my daughter and she really loves it. (Full size RRP £18)

Beauty Protector – Protect & Volume (Birchbox Exclusive) Travel size.

This is the product you need if you love extra volume and have to use loads of different products to achieve it. This is vegan friendly and paraben-free no nasty chemicals and smells lovely.  This will add volume and shine leaving your hair looking fabulous.

This wasn’t really the product for me due to having such this hair i really don’t need any extra volume but if used it on my daughter’s hair and it does add a lovely shine without looking greasy. Full size RRP £18.50.

Whish – Firming Body Cream (Birchbox Exclusive) Travel size.

Use this to firm and tone the skin great if you have any blemishes or marks on your skin, It has a blend of organic shea butter, green tea and cocoa seed butter so smells gorgeous and is also really moisturising for your skin.  Using a small amount massaged into your skin daily.

Unfortunately I’m not able to use this product it caused my skin to break out so im not able to give you my honest opinion because i havent used it only did a skin test.  I will be passing this onto a family member and i will give you their opinion when I have it.  Full size RRP £27.00.

Doux Me – Pure Spring Mist (Birchbox Exclusive)  Travel size.

Lastly is actually a totally shock for me as I never thought I’d be saying this but i actually like it and use it daily.  When i first saw it I was a bit gutted to be honest with you but ive changed my mind totally here’s why….

As you probably know about my health problems im not going to bore you with it again, because of those health problems im bedridden and im not able to move at all most days so I have my husband care for me. Everything has to be brought to me and I have to rely on him and my two fantastic kids and family to be able to wash  (using a bucket most of the time)  anyway if my husband and kids aren’t hear and i feel like I want to have a wash and freshen up im not able to until they get home.  So i thought id give this a try along with my Nivea Cleansing cream wash  and wow it really did help. So now i have this on the shelf next to my bed along with the wash and a towel and I can freshen up at anytime. Believe me when you’ve been stuck bedridden for all the years I have it makes you so thankful for those little details and to be able to freshen up without having to rely on others is a big thing and im so pleased this was in the box and im so pleased i tried it.  I literally use it everyday now and will be buying it again.  It really showed me i shouldn’t judge it until I’ve tried it.  Full size RRP £16.

So overall this was a good box for me even though im only using the spray and the mineral eyeshadow those two alone cover the cost of the box.

Unfortunately this is my last Birchbox for a few months just like Roccabox im going to miss these boxes.

Get your first box half price with this link

Hope you all have a great week.

Smile because we’re all beautiful 💞

Roccabox Review May 2017



This month Roccabox teamed up with the beautiful NewlyWed Lauren silvester of SassyInTheCity

Lauren has put together a fab edit and i am very impressed by this months products yet again very happy.  I don’t know how they do it for the £10 it Costs for the box.

Wilkinson sword – Intuition Razor

I was happy when I saw this i know how good they are i used to have one when they first came out years ago and I loved it, there’s no need for shaving gel when using this due to the built-in moisture bar which foams up when water is added, When using this you’re legs feel silky smooth and you can feel the bar moisturising your legs, Two jobs in one shaving and moisturising no more shaving rashes with this. Just shave and rinse and then pat your legs dry.  £8.99

Glo&Ray – Longwear Precision Eyeliner.

This is the best pen liner I’ve ever tried and that’s a lot. I found it really easy to do a cat eye and it was so nice to apply and it and this smudge proof liner has real staying power but is also easy to remove. This liner is great for wearing through the day and night to create a subtle cat eye or a smokey eye.  It’s also a bargain at £6.90

Mandara Spa – Amber Heaven Softening Body Cream.

I love this cream its a luxurious body cream which contains cocoa butter,  Vitamin E and Gold of Pleasure Oil (what a luxurious name) which leaves the skin feeling nourished hydrated and smelling gorgeous. A touch of Luxe to add to your skincare routine from one of the world’s top spa’s. At an affordable price Travel Size  (full size) £6.50. I’ll be buying it for sure.

IZ Beauty – Blooming Beautiful collection.

There were two beautiful spring shades a pink and purple.  I received the gorgeous purple (Forget Me Not) This is a gel polish which needs no UV or Soak-Off so it makes it a polish suitable for everyone.  This gorgeous sugar shade is perfect for spring and summer and gives your nails a gorgeous pop of colour. Im not really great with these types of nail polish i take a lot of meds so have a shaky hands and also because it’s small i am not always able to grip it. I’m getting better but I think with these pastel colours it tends to show up and mistakes. It is a great nail Polish though and takes out all the steps of a typical gel manicure  £6.00

Monu Skin – Hydrating Face Mask.

This is a wash off face mask which after just 15 minutes gives the skin so much Hydration its absolutely fantastic. Just what our skin needs. Use it twice a week after cleansing and toning its the perfect product to add to your skin care routine.  With royal jelly and evening primrose this leaves your skin feeling plumped and refreshed.

I’ve tried it on my arms and hands sue to having sensitive skin im not able to use some products,  I was shocked by the results, i applied a small amount onto the dry areas on my arms and left it for the 15 minutes it states and then wiped away with a warm cotton wool pad and the results were instant and even hours later my arms still feel hydrated and are so smooth and so soft. I’m actually now wearing it on my face overnight and im looking forward to seeing the results in the morning.  This is £29.95 for 100ml but you don’t need to use a lot and it will last a while so doesn’t work out to bad.

If you’re looking for a box that has it all then this is definitely for you. £10 plus P&P £3.95


Use the code Sassy1O for 10% off your first box  (valid till 31st may)

Smile We’re all beautiful 💞