Hi,  Hope your having a beautiful day.

My name is Ann Marie but I have always been called Marie so that’s what I prefer.  I’m married to my best friend and sole mate and have 2 beautiful amazing and kind hearted children, my daughter is Jade Nicole and she’s going to be 13 this year and my son is James and he’ll be turning 10 this year. I don’t know what is do without these three in my life.

I’m bedridden due to physical disabilities and also fibromyalgia as well as depression and anxiety.  I have to rely on my husband to care for me 24/7 and also our children help to care for me and make sure I’m comfortable and if I need anything and my meds if which I take alot of and they make me drowsy and don’t take all the pain away so I’m still in excruciating pain on a daily basis.

I’m a knitter and crocheter which I learned to do as a form of therapy to get me through the pain but because I’m so much worse now 7 years later I’m not able to crochet very much and so my depression got worse and I had to find a way to keep myself happy and my mind occupied on something. So I decided I’d get myself back into beauty products and wear makeup again after all these years and feel good about myself.

Then while watching YouTube I came across beauty box unboxings and reviews so as I’m out of the loop when it comes to the latest trends and products I decided to subscribe to a few and see how I get on and build up my collection which was reduced to around 15 products as all my makeup products had to be thrown away.

I then started a second Instagram page all about beauty and started sharing and reviewing the beauty boxes I was encouraged to start a blog and that made me very nervous and anxiety to the max. Then I thought about it and here I am.

I’m really enjoying blogging and my only worry is that due to health reasons I’m not able to be consistent each and every week.

Blogging is giving me something to focus on and I’m really enjoying it. I hope that people enjoy my posts and that I can continue to grow and progress as I go.

Thanks for taking the time to pop by hope you enjoyed my posts.

Have a beautiful day x



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