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 Andmetics Brow Wax Strips


Hope everyone is havin a lovely weekend.  I said that i would update you on the wax strips as I’d not yet used them, Well today I plucked up the courage and I did them and Wow! I was so shocked that it didn’t hurt, Why was I so afraid to do it?

Anyway these are so easy to use and are really quick too.  They are shaped for right and left and I was able to adjust it to the angle I wanted.  Then just went for it and was shocked by the amount of hair it pulled out. I’d have been plucking those all day long.  So I did both brows and they also include strips to do the space between your brows which is a bonus.

My brows have never looked this good ever and I don’t know why I wasted years plucking them. I will be waxing them all the time now just a couple of minutes is all you need to get brows on fleek.

For any left over wax I used my


Garnier skin active – Micellar Cleansing Water on an oval cotton pad and then used the finishing wipe provided in the box, which smells lovely and is also like a cleansing oil so soothes the skin and calms any redness down.

So in the box you get 2 lots of the brow strips for each brow and you get 4 strips for between your brows or  where ever you’d like to use them.  You also get 2 finishing wipes.  Enough to do your brows twice.

I definitely recommend these even if you’ve never waxed before, if I can do it then it must be easy.

I’m really impressed by the results.  Hope you have a fab day, Thanks for popping by.

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Quick Review

Cowshed Lippy Cow Lip Balm



Strongest points

Works really well
Not sticky
Easy to use
Softens lips

Weakest points

None found


I really like this product it’s in an easy to use tube and you don’t need to use a lot. It’s very Creamy and soothes dry lips while also softening them.
I use this daily and always put some on and allow to soak in before applying matte liquid lipstick or just a normal matte lipstick. It stops the lips drying out from the matte lippy.
I have also used this on some dry places on my face and it worked really well. I’ll definitely buy it again.

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