Beauty On Trial- 5th Review

Juicy Couture Deluxe Daily Detangler Conditioner


Hi Everyone,  I hope your weekend was great and enjoying the start of the week.  I’ve been so poorly ive missed so much of september.

I’ve been lucky enough to be asked by Beauty On Trial to trial and review this conditioner, here’s my full review.

Strongest points

Nice luxurious packaging,
Silky soft hair,
Revives hair,
Easy to manage hair,
Smells really nice,
Very effective,
Salon quality results,

Weakest points


Hard to use,
Not suitable if you have dexterity problems.


I was really lucky to be asked to trial this product thank you B.O.T.
Id never heard of this brand before and so didn’t know what to expect.
When it arrived I was very impressed with the beautiful packaging, it was more like a bottle of perfume (very classy) The packaging has a lovely design and tells you a little bit about the brand which is nice.
When I opened up the beautiful black box it had a little saying on the underside of the lid which really is unique. Id never had a conditioner like this before and i was impressed by the amount of effort put into the packaging.
The bottle itself is heavy and feels like glass but its a very strong plastic, it has a nice design on the bottle but to me it didn’t really go with the box.
The lid has a small opening and its hard to get the product out especially when you have problems with dexterity and gripping.
I had to get my husband to take the lid off and just use it that way. The bottle itself is hard to squeeze which made using it very hard for me.
The conditioner itself is thick and goes along way and its easy to work it into the hair, it has a hair mask feel to it which I do like.
It rinsed out really well and you can feel the difference immediately. My hair was so soft, smooth and silky and was like id had a full hair treatment at the salon.
After using the conditioner my hair was easy to manage and even after 2 days my hair was still soft and silky and under control.
I can see why its expensive selling on amazon for £18 because its like a salon treatment at home with luxurious packaging but there’s no way I could afford to buy it.

Would you recommend this product?

Yes if its affordable for you.


A cheaper version would be the new Herbal Essence Bio Renew Argan oil shampoo and conditioner. They have the same results at a more affordable price.
(Watch out for the blog post)
Why not check out Beauty On Trial.  Start reviewing beauty products you’ve used and read other members review’s then you can also enter the competitions to win the chance to trial and review beauty products.
Thanks for checking out my B.O.T review and i hope you have a fab day.
See you soon x

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