Brows… Waxing v’s Plucking

Andmetics Brow Wax Strips for women

Hi Everyone, I hope your all having a wonderful day. Todays post is going to be different to my previous posts as today im going to be talking about hair removal for brows and the benefits of waxing compared to plucking. In particularly waxing using the Andmetics brow wax strips.

I’ll start by talking a bit about the Andmetics Brow Wax Strips.

Andmetics wax strips for eye brows are unique on the market, They have been patented in Austria which is where they are designed. There’s also an international patent application filed.  The cold wax strips are ergonomically pre-shaped and efficient and quick yo use.  The strips are marked to make positioning quick and easy and so that you can match up your brows, This takes just a couple of minutes.

The wax strips can also be used as a template when colouring the brows, Giving them the perfect benefits of a 2 in 1 product.

The unique and innovative design of the wax strips fit any brow shape and create the perfect 2/3rd’s up – 1/3rd down arched brows.

The strips remove all unwanted hairs dark and light even the ones you can’t see in just 60 seconds, with only a slight twinge felt that lasts just seconds.

So lets look at what you get in the box.  These brow wax strips are for women, These are available world-wide and on the Andmetics Website


So inside you’ll find…

. Detailed instructions and all the information you need.

. 4 Finishing wipes.

. 4 Smaller wax strips for between the brows or upper lip.

. 4 Sets of brow strips enough for 4 months of waxing.

Now lets compare waxing to plucking.


  • Takes just 2 minutes.
  • Removes all hairs in one go.
  • Waxing removes all hairs dark and light plus the ones you can’t see.
  • Waxing gives the perfect arched brows 2/3rd’s up 1/3rd down.
  • Waxing hurts just once per brow and is less painful than plucking.
  • Waxing lasts up to 4 weeks.
  • Brows are more defined and have an even shape.
  • The Andmetics brow waxing strips are easy to use even for a beginner.


  • You can only pluck one hair at a time.
  • It hurts each hair you pluck.
  • It’s easy to over pluck.
  • Can end up with uneven brows.
  • Takes around 10 minutes.
  • It’s hard to hold tweezers if you have dexterity problems.
  • You can’t always get every hair.
  • Puffiness and tenderness due to all of the plucking.
  • Harder to match both brows.

I for one will not be plucking my brows anymore,  The waxing strips were a god send for me because I have dexterity problems with my hands and i struggle to grip tweezers properly and always end up with sore hands.

Waxing with the Andmetics brow wax strips take the hard work out of hair removal from brows and also other places on your face like upper lip. It’s so quick and you’ll have beautiful and perfect brows on fleek every time.

For this blog post my sister agreed for me to do a video using the Andmetics brow waxing strips, She has big brows due to shaving them when she was a teenager into the thinnest brows ever,  now as she works very long hours she doesn’t have the time to be plucking them for days well 20 minutes as they have no shape either. She’s always been worried that waxing will hurt her, but she has agreed to let me do it and share the photos and video with you all, Bless her, its hard for her as she also has an autistic son and a 3-year-old so is always so busy, but they do bother her so she’ll feel happier.

She has never had her brows waxed before and was so nervous but she let me wax them and was shocked by the fact that it didn’t hurt, she then agreed for me to wax her top lip too.


She’s very happy with her new brows and feels more confident already.

Here’s the link to the video which was posted up onto my daughter’s YouTube channel. Sister’s Brow Waxing (Andmetics Brow Wax Strips)

So next I did my daughter’s eyebrows she has very small brows which she really doesn’t like, so she asked for her brows to be waxed too.  I only did a tidy up and that gave her a nice shape for her to then work with when she’s doing her makeup. She hasn’t ever had her brows plucked so didn’t know how much that hurts doing brows one hair at a time. She did say that she can see why its better to wax, it’s over and done with fast.


It’s great to have a gentle cleanser on hand before and after. If your skin is very sensitive just pop your cleanser into the freezer for a lil while so that it soothes the skin. Please note that you shouldn’t ever wax the same place twice in one day, leave at least 48 hours between.

Andmetics also have brow waxing strips for men and a range of brow products. Check out their products using the link above and join their newsletter to receive a discount off your first purchase.

☆ Id like to say a huge thanks to Andmetics for sending me the Brow Wax Strips for the purpose of this blog post Id also like to say thanks to my sister Amanda and Daughter Jade for allowing me to both film and share photo’s aswel as letting me wax their brows and (upper lip) 😘💖☆

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, im thinking of doing a v’s once a month, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment below. I love to hear your feedback and appreciate you dropping by and checking out my post.

See you soon x



2 thoughts on “Brows… Waxing v’s Plucking

  1. brow wax strips sound interesting! We always get our brows threaded! xx, Britta & Carli from


    1. Ive never gad my eyebrows threaded before but i have always wanted to try it. The only thing is that i don’t know anyone who could come to my home to do it for me. Hopefully one day ill be able to try it. The waxing strips for brows are really good, i definitely recommend trying them. So quick and easy. Let me know if you try them id love to know what you think. X


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