Fantastic Opportunity

Itsy Nails


Last week I came across a Instagram post on ‘Itsy Nails London’ calling for bloggers in the UK, So I sent them a DM and I was shocked to get a reply telling ms they’re going to send me some samples and asking for my address.  I never thought that they’d want me. So I was over the moon. I have seen loads of posts like this on Instagram but always thought that they would want bloggers with thousands of followers, I’ve been tagging others in the post so they can contact the brands. So now I don’t know why I was worried and my advice is if you see an opportunity like that go for it what’s the worst that can happen. Go for it, ‘Seize the day’.

Friday I received my parcel and 4 absolutely gorgeous DuraPro Gel Effect nail polishes as shown in the pic. Also with the cutest little bag. So I will be posting a review once ive tried all the stunning polishes.  I will also post the swatches with the review.

DuraPro Gel Effect nail polishes by Itsy Nails London
Left – Right…Bohemian Gypsy, In Deep, No Fear, Green With Envy.

Thanks so much to the awesome Itsy Nails for the fantastic opportunity.

Check out the stunning colours they have available at a fantastic price £5.99 each and free delivery on orders over £10.

Itsy Nails London

Itsy Nails London Instagram


Thanks for checking out my blog,  have a awesome weekend 💅💖

What’s your favourite colour? Let me know in the comments. Mine is the stunning blue In Deep.  I love the names too.



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