Glossybox Review Tomorrow




10 thoughts on “Glossybox Review Tomorrow

  1. maddyloveslife May 21, 2017 — 10:13 pm

    Looking forward to itđź’—

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    1. Thanks it’s my favourite Glossybox xđź’–

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  2. Their boxes seem really good!


    1. They are really good I’ve never been disappointed. There’s been a few products I couldn’t use but i passed them onto family. I definitely recommend Glossybox. xoxox

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      1. I really want to try them out. How much is it?
        Btw I’d love it if you would check out my blog

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      2. Its ÂŁ10 a month plus ÂŁ3.25 postage and you can cancel at anytime. I have a link on my latest post for half price hun. If you want to start from next month don’t order until 1st, otherwise you can order anytime for the May box. I’ll check out your blog hun xoxox

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      3. Okay thank you so much! I’ll use the link if I buy it! I live in the US so hopefully it’ll work. Thank you! đź’–đź’—


      4. It won’t work in the US hun sorry. I’m sure they have great offers on each month too. If you can’t find one on their site. Search for Glossybox US and discount or review and there will be loads of bloggers sharing links too hun. Sorry for the miss understanding. Xoxox

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      5. Ohhh, that’s okay! Thanks anyways.


      6. You need to goto the US Glossybox hun. I’m with the UK Glossybox. The US ones are fantastic too. Xoxox

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