Friday Favourites and a review

Spectrum Collections Unicorn Brushes


This week’s Friday Favourites has to be without a doubt my gorgeous new Unicorn Brushes by Spectrum. So i thought id do my review and Friday favourite in one post. Ever since I got my Marbleous tulip brush in the Feb Birchbox i knew they were the brushes that were right for me. They are super soft and make applying makeup products really easy.

So i decided to purchase 2 set’s so that id have all the brushes i need (apart from a fan brush).

This review is of the Attention Seeker set

Spectrum Collections 10 piece essentials set

This set is their best-selling brush set and it includes all the brushes you need to get you started for a fantastic price £39.99.

So the brushes included are (from left to right)

A01– Large Domed Powder. (Use to apply bronzer or a translucent powder the brush, with super soft bristles it doesn’t pick up too much product so it’s great if you want a natural look or build it up for a bronzer look and more coverage, works best with powder products)

B01– Flat Top Buffer. (Use this to buff the foundation into your skin for a flawless finish it works best with liquid and cream products. Ive tried mine out with a moisturizer to help it sink into the skin.)

A05 – Small Angled Blush. (Use this to apply Blush to the apples of your cheeks, use small amounts and build up the colour you’re looking for. Can also be used for contouring. Works best with powder Blush and bronzer and baked blush)

B03 – Buffing Concealer. (Use this just as you would use the B01 brush, This helps work the concealer around the eyes and gives the same flawless finish that the B01 brush gives. They work great together for a perfect finish on the whole face, hiding any blemishes and dark circles. Works best with liquid and cream products.

A06 – Large Fluffy Shader. (Use this brush to apply you’re base colour all over the lid, also you can use this brush to blend your transition colour. Add a light shade to set your eye primer and give  your eyes the perfect base. This brush is great for creating a nice natural eye look just by building up a bit of natural colour to your lid and blending it out. Gives a beautiful finish. Works best with powder and cream products)

B04 – Small Angled Blender. (Use this to softly blend out the crease and shading to the outer corners of the eye, the soft bristles make blending easy with no harsh lines. Works best with Loose Pigments and pressed pigments)

B06 – Tall Tapered Blender. (Use to apply colour to the socket and blending it out at the same time and also build up colour where you want. Works best with loose and pressed Pigments)

A09 – Angled Eyeliner. (With the Angled ferrule this brush makes it easy to apply gel and liquid liners. If i can do it anyone can, it gives so much more control making for a better application. Works best with liquid products)

A15 – Lip Liner. (This brush is fantastic for lining the lips you can also use this to fill in the lips giving you a nicer finish to the lips. Works best with liquid and cream products)

A17 – Angled Brow. (This brush makes doing your brows so much easier, it’s a nice firm brush to help you get the shape you want and helps to fill in and divine giving them a natural look. It’s so easy to use and as I have 2 I use my other one with some concealer to sharpen and neaten the edges.  This brush is also great for doing liner under the waterline and also for adding some colour to your under eyes with precision. Works best with brow gel and powders) (Also works well with gel and liquid liners)

All the brushes are hand finished which makes them even more special.  Theyre also vegan friendly and cruelty free.  These are definitely a fantastic set of brushes which are professional quality at an affordable price.

I definitely recommend these brushes, they work out at just £3.99 per brush, which in itself saves you money if you were to buy them separately. Don’t be fooled by the cost these brushes are high-end quality they don’t shed bristles and they’re gorgeous. They also have the best name Unicorn Brushes. Check out all the other gorgeous brushes they’re all stunning and there’s something for everyone.

Get 15% off your first order with this link

Thanks for reading i hope you have a fantastic weekend 💞


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