Look incredible Review March

Look Incredible Review March 2017


Well i have to say im very impressed with this box.  Its my 2nd box and just like February box im very happy with what’s inside.

This month included

1. Bare minerals eye shadow quad – The A List


This is a very shimmery quad and its very pretty. The darker colour isn’t very pigmented and is very sheer but the bit i didn’t like about this quad was that it’s not great at blending.  I thought that it was just my lack of experience but after seeing others say the same thing I knew it wasnt just me. I do love the pretty colours and think it’s fab for an icy look.  My niece would love it dressing up as elsa.

2. Ilia lipstick – Tinted Lip Conditioner


This is lovely its quite sheer but can be built up and looks fantastic either way great for either a subtle look or built up for a bolder look.  Its lovely and creamy without feeling heavy, A lipstick you can wear all day and get moisturised lips at the same time.

3. Ciate Velvet nails kit – Velvet  Manicure


Well i must say im not really liking the velvet Manicure it just doesn’t look very good, I’m not really into the look of the velvet nails and it doesn’t feel like or look like velvet when i do it.  I do however really love the nail polish colour its very much the shade id pick, so that’s a plus.

4 fusion colour corrector – Prime Results,  Anti-Redness.


This is absolutely fantastic,  It works amazingly well and i was blown away when I first used it.  I have a lot of redness in my face and just a small amount helped to minimise the redness so much i didn’t even feel the need to apply any foundation. This on its own made the box worth the money to me. I don’t think id have come across this product otherwise. This is definitely part of my makeup routine now and I’ll be purchasing it again for sure. 10/10

5 Spa Retreats Signature – Softening hand And Body lotion


This is so softening and is perfect on youre whole body,  its smells divine doesn’t go really sticky and soaks into the skin really well.  It works lovely will a nice massage very relaxing.  (Unless you have fibromyalgia then a massage isn’t relaxing and causes a huge amount of pain)

They also added an extra which was the Max factor colour corrector stick


Even though it is a tester it was still a nice lititle extra.  I don’t really need the purple but I tried it out on different parts of my face and it just made me look grey so ill probably pass this on to one of my sisters.

My favourite this month was the fusion colour corrector,  it was just what I needed, You only need a very small amount so for me this will last a long time as I don’t need to wear makeup all the time in fact im not able to even put on my make up all the time so just adding some of the colour corrector makes me feel more human.


Get 15% of your 1st Look Incredible Beauty Box

Thanks for checking out my review, feel free to let me know what you think and if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Smile because we’re all beautiful 💞





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