Welcome to my blog


Hi and welcome to my blog, My name is Ann Marie but ive always been called Marie.

I will write a blog post about how my day to day life is and explain my health problems and why im in excruciating pain 24/7.

I decided to start blogging after having lots of people tell me it would be great for me and id be good at it.  I was really scared at first due to my medications i struggle and get my words mixed up.

Im not always able to post on exact days due to my health and the pain.

I love all things beauty related and sharing my experiences and thoughts on those products.

My blog features Makeup, Skincare and nails. Also Beauty Box Review’s,  Beauty On Trial Reviews, as well as products i purchase.

My reviews are 100% real and honest and my own.

My 13yr old makeup obsessed daughter will also be doing posts sharing her thoughts on the products she uses and tries from the perspective of a teenager.

If there’s anything you’d love to see featured then you can either comment or you can contact me my.beauty.favs07@gmail.com or via the contact form,

Instagram @My.Beauty.Fav.s

Twitter @my_beauty_favs


Thanks so much for popping by i really appreciate it and i hope you enjoyed reading my posts.

Talk soon ❤






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